The company Carabelle Studio was created in 2012 and is located in the south of France between Sète, Béziers and Montpellier on the Mediterranean coast. 
We design and manufacture art stamps, stencils, masks, art printing textures, etc.
Our activity and our production tools are oriented towards scrapbooking, mixed media, creative card making, journal art, mail art and any other crafts.
To achieve this, we collaborate with a team of exclusive designers who are committed to designing the collections of tomorrow.
Discover the profile of each of our designers.
Our products are manufactured in our premises by a team of qualified technicians. During the manufacturing process, each article undergoes 3 quality controls before shipping.
Mastering the entire manufacturing process, we guarantee quality products.
By combining a semi-automated production line and the know-how of our technicians, we have become the leading European manufacturer of rubber art stamps.

Our experience and our means allow us to offer a complete service for the manufacture of all items in the collection.

At the beginning : a drawing !
Mould making
The vulcanising press
Demolding of vulcanized rubber
Quality control : Molding
Gluing on ez-mount
Semi-automatic cutting
Hand cutting
Precision cutting
Quality control : Cutting
Packaging storage
Bagging and quality control : Finished product
Us and our innovations !
Carabelle Studio was the first brand in the world to design products that have now become must-haves !
2014 : A4 Cling Stamps + A4 acrylic blocks.
2015 : Cling Stamps Edge + corresponding acrylic blocks.
2016 : Textures Art Printing A6 size for use with Gel Plates.
2017 : Textures Art Printing round and square 6'' for use with Gel Plates.

2018 : Teflon mat with a silicone layer on one side (anti-slip).
2020 : Texture Coasters, textures for use with Gel Plates but also as coasters.
Often copied but never equalled !
The planet and us.
With the help of partners, we are reducing our carbon footprint and recycling our specific waste as we aim to optimize our energy consumption.
Very soon, all business documents will be digitised and transmitted electronically.