At Carabelle Studio we accept that you may use our products for creations intended for your personal use but also for resale with certain conditions.
We strive above all to protect the intellectual property of our designers and that of Carabelle Studio. All the drawings used in our ranges of cling stamps, stencils, masks, textures, etc are original and exclusive works of art held by Carabelle Studio.

These designs are protected by copyright according to the law in force in France as well as the rest of the world.
The reproduction of all or part of our catalogue  of designs, or our website without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.
No drawing resulting from Carabelle Studio items can be reproduced or copied mechanically by any means or existing process: photocopy, digitalization, vectorization, impression by computer or copied by hand.
Dans le cadre de notre politique de l'ange.
As part of our angel policy, we grant permission, in the form of a limited license, to use Carabelle Studio items to create artwork and creative objects that may be sold exclusively under the following conditions :
• Each of your creations must be made by hand (stamping, inking, colouring, embossing ...) and may not be reproduced or copied other than by manual action. 
It is allowed to manually make a series of 20 identical pieces maximum, excluding all mechanical processes.
• Mass production of objects and the use of paid workers are not allowed.
• You cannot copy or rent our products. Carabelle Studio items can only be handled for your personal use.
• The designs from our ranges may not be used in whole or in part for logos, trademarks or promotional material.
• In order to protect the copyrights of the designers as well as Carabelle Studio, we ask you to display our brand and the name of the respective designers (if mentioned on the packaging) for each item you sell.
• If you wish to present images of your creations for online sale, you must clearly indicate that your creations were made with Carabelle Studio items and quote the designers.

Any person selling creations using Carabelle Studio items assumes responsibility for their work and agrees to indemnify Carabelle Studio and its artists for any disputes arising from their work.